The Effect of Atrial Fibrillation on Life Insurance Costs

There are about over 2 million American citizens who are suffering from atrial fibrillation. This is a heart condition wherein the heart produces a rapid and irregular rhythm. Further complications like stroke can also occur in some cases. This happens when the blood remains in the chambers of the heart. The tendency is, it would spread and clot, and when it is finally pumped out from the heart, it can go straight to a brain artery, which leads to stroke.

The risk of having this kind of delicate heart condition gets high as they age. In fact, about 3 to 5 percent of Americans who are beyond the age of 65 have this kind of disorder. There are actually several ways on how to prevent the irregular beating of the heart like taking in medications, electrical cardioversion, radiofrequency ablation, surgery or by making use of atrial pacemakers. Concerned individuals may not feel alarmed yet since there are variety of medical treatments. But how about those who are planning to apply for a life insurance?

It is true that having a heart rhythm abnormality can affect the rates of life insurance. How? There are a lot of risk factors involved in this condition, which the policy companies look closely into before they approve policy applications. Some of the conditions that are considered to be risk factors are hypertension, age, diabetes, congestive heart failure, family history and obesity.

Policy companies really take their time to evaluate those who have atrial fibrillation. It is very important that they have a more controlled heart condition, if not, then they will have a hard time getting a rate that they can afford. These companies will also look into their medical records, specifically the doctor’s notes and medical tests. In order to get the best rate, it would also help if they will visit their physician regularly in order for the companies to assess their risk with optimum accuracy.

Those who have AF but with no family history of any kind can easily qualify for a standard policy and with the chance to get it in a much better rate. The company can assume that they experience minimal number of AF episodes in a year, say like 2 to 3 times only. In order to make sure that they can get the best possible rate, they can also present an echardiogram that will prove that they pass the standards and they have a low risk of finding themselves in a more situation.

Those who are experiencing irregular beating of the heart ten times in a year are considered to have a chronic condition. In this situation, even if they don’t have family history they can expect to get a policy rate that range between 150% to 200%. If their atrial fibrillation is much worse than this, then the can expect a much higher rate and in majority of the cases, they will get turned down by policy companies. While those with permanent AF are declined coverage right away.

Trucks :: Operate Your Tree Truck In Accordance with the Law!

Drivers are encouraged to remain within the stated highway speed limits to maintain safety at all times and to be in compliance with the speed limit.

Speed Limit

It is vital to know and understand the laws and regulations that exist to ensure the safe transportation of logs on the road. Failure to conform to these provisions may result in punishment by law.

Weight Limit

By most traffic rules and regulations, those operating a tree truck are entitled to the right-of-way depending on the rules governing each individual highway; however, this is not an absolute right. The side of the hauling truck should have a minimum of two stakes on both sides.

Equipment Inspection


Truck Maximum Length. Failure to yield the right-of-way to other vehicles may result in an accident due to the actions of the truck driver which could involve liability issues relating to property damage and injury which could ultimately result in fines.

Employers and employees of trucking services must abide by certain laws and regulations for the safe transportation of logs on the road. Those people who own and operate any tree truck must be familiar with and abide by pertinent local, state and federal rules and regulations regarding the hauling and the transportation of logs on public highways.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) 392.7.a.b states that all drivers must inspect the truck before operation and ensure that the vehicle is in good working condition. The government regulates heavy hauling on public roads to decrease the damage to the entire roadway system. Additionally, the regulation stipulates that trailer combination should not exceed 65 feet, except when the transporting device is designed to transport lumber.

This is the reason why heavy-duty hauling rules and regulations were created: to maintain safety and a proper flow of traffic on crowded streets and busy highways. Therefore, it should be exercised in a rational manner giving full consideration to the safety of other drivers who could be directly involved. Department of Transportation states that truck drivers are expected to abide by the speed limits posted by the local, state or federal government. The House of Representatives boosted the trucking industry by passing the United States Code called Safe and Efficient Transport Act of 2011 (HR-763) which allows the weight of the truck on public roads to be from 80,000 pounds to 97,000 pounds.

The U.S. Check with the Department of Transportation for the allowable weight limits regarding the transportation of logs on public roads. Above all, to avoid unwanted fines and criminal charges, drivers must operate their tree trucks in accordance with the law!

In addition, tree truck operators are not allowed to drive transport trucks unless the logs they are transporting are secured with chains, sideboards, stakes, front and rear head boards, front gates and end gates that are powerful enough to hold the load in place read more and prevent it from shifting or falling from the truck. Department of Transportation regulation states that the logging industry must use crib tree trucks to transport lumber; the maximum allowable length click here of the cut trees can be 70 to 75 feet if there are additional safety devices added to both ends. The driver must not operate the vehicle unless the service and parking brakes, steering wheel, lighting devices, tires, horn, windshield wipers and mirrors are in good working condition. If necessary, hauling permits should be obtained before transporting logs to the processing plant.

The U.S. Tree truck operators must be aware of the heavy hauling regulations in the area where their trucks will be driven since laws may vary from state to state. Driving commercial vehicles that carry loads weighing thousands of pounds is a powerful force that can put the operator and others at risk.

There are certain weight limits when lumber is being transported on federal highways. Every logging truck operator must be familiar with the laws by which every heavy-duty truck driver must abide that cover the hauling of heavy loads

Finance :: Loans / Lease Articles

with organized finances. Unexpected expenses such as car repair bills or …. physically. worry is that vital information such as address and name is being sent online, which makes it vulnerable to hackers and other internet savvy individuals.

Why is There a Necessity for Finance Companies? By Tim Carly

Quick loans are intended to provide short-term funding for emergency situations, such as an unexpected car breakdown. Invoice factoring, which is also known as accounts receivable financing, is an important part of many different industries, including the food distribution …. Modern Way Of Lending By Cody Butler

If you have a poor credit profile and are facing a situation where you need to obtain funds quickly, your options may be limited. They are not intended to serve as …. This as a result influences how people feel about themselves, and ultimately causes an individual to take drastic measures to avoid ageing.. However, there are two problems that people worry about the most when they deal with …. You are unlikely to achieve …. Sometimes it happens that a person comes in need click here of money badly that they have to take loan to meet …. decision to consolidate them with a private loan, the entire process would become much easier for you. The future looks bright. if getting the information you need takes time. these cases before you actually use a pawn broker. When you know what could go wrong you can determine whether or not you should be using a pawn broker.

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This article advocate the niche market that money lenders cater to, by the same law, listing down the advantages of employing a funds provider. your first repayment due day. For this reason, you should review your finances carefully before agreeing to any type of loan.

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The most popular New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, stop smoking, and get out of debt. Rollovers can quickly cause a modest payday loan to escalate into an amount that you will find nearly impossible to repay.

With the cost of education higher than ever, it’s commonplace for people in the United Kingdom and elsewhere to rely on educational loans to pay for …. So, if a customer is looking to get instant Cash no place can be better than opting for Pawn Shop, UK.

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The Use Of Non-Surgical Procedures To Reverse Ageing Caused By Stress By Chris Watkins

There are a number of problems that people face with pawn brokers. Their publicity efforts tend to centre on their benefits for investors, mainly the …. the website and watch a few auctions first. as phone calls and letters, initiated by your lender. you are still unsatisfied, you may escalate your petition to be reviewed by an Independent Case Examiner, who should complete the review within 21 days.

Articles 1 – 15 :: Prev | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .. At the end of the day, anything that gives consumers more choice will ultimately result in lower prices as competition winnows profit margins.

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Life always faces ups and down in financial position. All undefined to do is find the correct funds provider.

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Why Invoice Factoring is Important in Food Distribution By Michael Sutanto

A popular website centered on the UK economy,, posted the results of a poll that sheds light read more on a phenomenon that could open doors …. hungry banks. However, there is a particular industry that is booming …. higher in the market as compared to last year. It helps to start looking for providers well before the semester or school year is scheduled to start.

As the recession continues to hurt the economy, we will continue seeing shops close left and right. Now, about losing weight and putting down cigarettes, perhaps you should take on those issues next year.

Stress is a feeling that everyone experiences from time to time, and this is because we are all faced with certain tasks and goals that need to be achieved …

Britney Spears Turns 30 – Business Insider

Britney Spears turns 30 today.

Yes, really.

It seems like the woman’s lived a thousand lifetimes between that first schoolgirl closeup and today.

And perhaps no star has been as breathlessly — sometimes, dangerously — chronicled as her in this blog century.

To celebrate, we’re taking a look at her life and career — from sweet child star to controversially sexy teen queen, cautionary tale to comeback success.

Admit it, you’ve seen “Crossroads.”

How to Differentiate Brand and Product Marketing

A Savvy Business Executive Knows Product MarketingWhether the professional is an executive in a mid sized corporation, a small business owner, or entrepreneur looking to grow a small business; it is important to understand one of the fundamental click here elements of marketing: the difference between brand marketing and product marketing.

Each is different but one cannot exist for a truly successful business without the other. Working together, they form an enviable strength that makes it hard for competitors to duplicate. Companies like McDonalds (I’m Lovin’ It), Dell (It’s a Dell) and Intel (Intel Inside) have done a stellar job using strong brand marketing to propel successful product marketing.

What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is when advertising a brand name, corporate vision or company image rather than a specific product or industry. To put it another way, brand marketing sells the sizzle instead of the steak. It offers consumers a glimpse into the essence of a company through strong brand awareness such as logos, company mission, and potent corporate slogans or statements. The basic elements of brand marketing include:





Convey information

What is Product Marketing?

Product marketing covers the 4 P’s of the marketing mix: product, price, promotion, and place. In a nutshell, product marketing is promoting a product or service to the target market through a variety of venues, channels and means. In general terms, actions related to product marketing include:

Defining strategies

Product placement

Consumer offering (packaging, pricing)

Reaching the target market



Ford telling consumers that “Quality is Job 1″ – this is Brand Marketing

Selling that consumer a Ford Mustang – this is Product Marketing


Integrating the ‘swoosh’ logo in every aspect of their marketing href=””> strategy; ultimately resulting in the consumer being able to recognize the Nike logo just by the swoosh logo – this is the ultimate in brand marketing.

Selling the consumer a pair of Nike basketball shoes with the swoosh logo – this is Product Marketing.

Cola Market:

When more than 65% of consumers think of cola, they think of the ‘real thing’, Coca-Cola. This is brand marketing at work.

Pepsi-Cola holds a firm market position through constant and aggressive product placement, complemented by a cost strategy of slightly lower per unit price points. This is product marketing.

For a company that does not engage in both brand and product marketing, the job to reach the target market is that much harder. Without a brand or image, the product marketing must work twice as hard to reach target sales levels.

The consumer equates brand with quality and prestige – the 12-29 age demographic being the strongest example. If it does not have a visible brand, they don’t want it. However, if a business executive or small business owner places the company brand in the mind of the consumer, it will be much easier to conduct product marketing and achieve corporate goals. Essentially, to be successful in any industry, it is critical to embrace brand and product marketing.